Waisted Efforts

Tims Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants are nearly done, time for the doublet.

So here are Tim's slops, nearly finished.  They just need their eyelets, and they'll be complete. 

There was a great deal of hand work in these.  Lots of cartridge pleating, of course, but also all the flat lining, button-holes, and bias edging.

They are made of this really great wool which has a very high twill weave, and we thought would be super cool if the twill chevroned at the point where I was putting in the pockets.

Well that didn't work.  My dear friend MaritaBeth pointed out that it wasn't working because I couldn't use the back side.  Duh!  I've been sick, and I will use that as the excuse.  Of course I wasn't sick when I thought of the idea, but we will ignore that.    This is one of the finished pockets.  I hid them in the down side of the cartridge pleats so they wouldn't gap.  Pretty cool.

This is one of the egs after I had finished the cartridge pleating.

There are plenty more pictures on Flickr, and I will add the in process to this later, when I have more time.  Now I must sleep.


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