Waisted Efforts

Tims Fancy Pants

Tim's Fancy Pants

Tim Guerinot wants a new suit.  Okay! :-)

His will be a black, white, and gray silk brocade for his doublet.  His slops this fabulous textured black wool.

This is a Jacobean-style suit worn during the reign of James VI.  High-waisted and very decorative.

This should be fun.

Nearly ready to start this.  Check back soon.


on 2011-02-19 17:12 by Kelly Cochran

Now, there are buttons!  We just got them from Tammie at Renaissance Tailor, and they are AWESOME!  We also just did a video fitting that went super well.  I adore Skype.  It was the perfect thing for a fitting when I can't be there.  I must remember this for the future.  Also, a note to self, do NOT make the mock up in black. :-)

Tim is enthused, and I am looking forward to getting further on this outfit.



on 2011-03-16 16:28 by Kelly Cochran

The mock-ups are on their way back from TX, and they fit perfect!  We have found that Skype is an awesome tool for remote fittings.  So much nicer to see what is happening and be able to guide the process even when 1000 miles away. :-)

Today I will cut into the precious silk, and layout the pieces for the actual slops.  On our way now!

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