Waisted Efforts

The Seamstress


   Hi! My name is Kelly Cochran Davis and I began an interest in sewing when I was in grade school. You know, those stupid home-ec classes. Well, I guess I had an aptitude, which led to attitude, and so the teachers and I rarely got along. I wanted to make interesting things, or change details of the pattern to make them more to my taste. “That, just would not do!” Thus, the attitude. *smile*

I generally amused myself sewing little things, and trying to teach myself to have the patience to doing pretty things like embroidery, or crocheting afghans. Not my bag.

When I moved to Missouri in 1990 for my sophomore year of high school, they had a Renaissance Festival nearby. It was love at first sight. I had, of course, read way too many fantasy novels while growing up; so my head was filled with ideas of how I could dress to get a job. And get a job I did. I worked that fair for 2 years, and when I graduated high school; I went “on the road” full time.

I was not enamored of most of the costuming available for purchase. Being long waisted, most of it did not fit. I began to make my own, while collecting books and machines on the way. People saw what I was wearing, and wanted one too. And so it began…

Now I make clothes for people desiring a certain level historic accuracy to their costuming. Currently I am obsessed with Victorian and Edwardian dresses, but still make many Elizabethan outfits as well.


I am currently traveling the country 6 months a year selling Excalibur Leather goods at my booth Avalon Leatherworks. Come visit me there and see what lovely things we make for you to purchase immediately.TRF booth 202

You can visit me at Avalon Leatherworks at:

The Georgia Renaissance Festival from the second weekend of April through the first weekend of June. Bristol Renaissance Faire from the weekend after July 4th though Labor Day Monday.

The Texas Renaissance Festival. Which is a little trickier. It counts back 8 weekends from Thanksgiving.  So whatever weekend near the beginning of October to Thanksgiving weekend including Black Friday.

See you there.