Waisted Efforts




Victorian Bustle Dresses

by Lama Apr 11th 2013

"I do not think that I need to write this review because after you view the photos of the dress, you can see that it is magnificent.
For anyone who wants a historical dress- not a costume-, you should definitely work with Kelly. Her work is very accurate, she helps with selecting the best fabrics with a great price, and you can guarantee that your dress will be a piece of art."



“Kelly made an 1860's period gown for me. It was gorgeous!!!! I would recommend Kelly to everyone. The attention to detail is unbelievable. Can't wait to have her create another beautiful dress for me.”                   May 16, 2012 Vicki Gott Lee


“Kelly is an incredibly talented designer and a very skilled seamstress. She is detail-oriented and very knowledgeable about the historical periods she dutifully recreates with her work. In addition to the beautiful garments she makes, she is without a doubt, the best corset-maker I've encountered. I wear her work regularly, and cannot imagine my period clothing being worn over anything else! I send my own customers to her with complete confidence and proudly recommend her work.” MaritaBeth Caruthers, Owner/Designer, A Wardrobe in Time works with me off and on for shared projects.


Kelly Cochran Davis from Waisted Efforts made this suit. I really appreciate Kelly taking the time in bringing out the aesthetic details, ensuring it's comfortable and being an absolute pleasure to work with. I must say it's my new burial suit. I know that's morbid but the truth. :-) April 2011 Tim Querinot


“Kelly knows about all their is to know about quality period costuming. Her work is not only high-quality at a reasonable cost, it's historically accurate down to the very last stitch. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone at any time! Also, I would have clicked each of the attributes above, but they only let you pick three. Pity.” Joe Capps forCostuming in 2009, and more than once.


“Kelly has made several corsets for me. I have a very difficult body type to fit, and am very active in my historical costuming as I perform at Scarborough Renaissance Festival. This involves being able to do things such as sword-fighting and moving quite a bit, and so the corsets must not only be historically accurate, well-fitted and comfortable, but they have to be durable and hold up to difficult conditions. Kelly's work has met every one of these criteria with flying colours, and her prices are extremely reasonable for such high-quality work. I cannot recommend anyone more highly.” Melyssa Childs-Wiley for Historical Costuming in 2002, and more than once.