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The Social Media Jungle

Doctor Livingston, I presume...


As all of you lovely rss subscribers know, and my friends and colleagues on Facebook know, I've fallen into the deep end of the 'update my web presence' pool. I believe I'm treading water, at least...or so thinks many a person about to drown.

I've fired up a Waisted Efforts profile on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. I've toyed with settings and located apps to make photo collages. I've even posted items on on my shiny, new website for sale...craziness! 

It's all a process and you've all been super patient with seeing the same thing 6 times, and many of you liking it 6 times. I love you guys. ❤️ I assume there's ways to make that smoother and I'll figure out how to not inundate everyone. 

For anyone interested in the items I have listed for sale, the cart isn't capable of supporting a payment plan of any kind, or negotiations. So, please contact me directly, and I'm happy to work something out for you.

I'll be posting current project updates soon!