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New Year, New Site, New Kitten...and of course, New Dresses!


I have finally moved my website to the newer and flashier interface provided by Squarespace in their new version 7.  Welllll...new as of 2012.  I'm slow on the uptake sometimes.  It's moved and in process, though!  That's a great thing.  This should allow me to take orders directly through the site and to sell things through it, as well.  We'll see, as I am about to list some of my dresses for sale.  It is, once again, time to cull the herd.  Thanks for sticking with me through a lot of dead air.  Let's see if we can learn to be dynamic!  That's new fangled word, right? ;-)


Above are a few of the dresses from Dicken's 2017.  It was a navy blue year.  I should make something for myself in some of the leftover navy fabric I have laying around.  Also, there's the addition of a new shop cat, Kismet.  She isn't much support, but she sure is cute!