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1860's set for sale

Mid-Victorian set for summer in cotton organza


Back in 2012 I built this lovely ensemble for Ms. Vicki Lee, while she still lived in Texas. She has since moved to Arizona and has less time and venues to wear this lovely outfit and she's willing to part with it. 

It consists of the double skirt with loads of venue lace and satin ribbon, two bodices (one for day and one for evening), a straw hat, I also built, and a wired, floral hair garland for wearing to the ball.

The day top is sheer over a cotton foundation and includes a belt with detachable pocket. The  evening bodice has small poofed sleeves and is finished in satin with more of the Venice lace. 

You can see loads of pictures on Flickr here....  


I'll post it in the For Sale section momentarily, if you're interested in it. 




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