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Elliptical Hoops, partlets, and petticoats...Oh My!

This past week in Waisted time.  We left our intrepid heroine stitching away, and that is just how she spent her week.  I finished the Elizabethan partlet.  It is simple and elegant, and soon to be shipped with its German style skirt, which I can now put together since the flatlining finally showed up.  There will be pictures of that soon. Here is a close-up of the collar with ties I wove myself.

There has been more couching on the O'Connor overskirt.  I have one last piece to pinish, and it is sooooo tedious, but will be done, and in the mail this week! so there. -smile-

Also started working on the petticoat for Deeanne Gist, and stopped, because doing that before I made the Elliptical hoop would be...stupid.  Luckily, just as I came to that brilliant conclusion, the boning, strapping, belting, and buckle arrived in the mail.  The flooding in TN slowed EVERYTHING down.  Now though, with all the pieces and parts, we can start.

Holy crap!  These things are time consuming!  The marking, the cutting, and measuring.  WOW!  I was thinking there would be an easier way to do these in the future, but no...not so much.  The marks are a "guide" do NOT get most of the way done before you put it on the mannequin.  Oi! 

The first part with the just round hoops wasn't so bad.  They all went together well.  The bag works great.  It gets to looking all impressive, and then there us a snag.  The strapping does not line up well.  So, after some cut stitches, and repositioning of strapping on the bones, it looks like a hoop.  It required some balancing, but I am very happy with it. 

I cannot imagine having this thing entirely together with pins, before you  finally stitch it, but that is how I will have to do it next time.  Oh well, now I know better.  I am very pleased with it so far.  It really is pure genious.  Acttually makes me want one...a lot!

I played with the petticoat pieces, and it ought to look fabulous!  I have this really great vintage eyelet in off-white embroidered in white, and I cant wait for that to be done.  It will be SO pretty!

Here is a little picture of the trimming for the day gown.  You can see the photo of the original here.  I think I got pretty close!  Tried for the life of me, to find striped velvet ribbon, but I was completely unsuccessful. Sigh! Oh well.

Well I am off to bed so I can get back to work.  Some Excalibur stuff in the morning, and then finishing the hoop, German skirt, more couching, Garibaldi bouse, corset drafting, corset making, more couching, petticoat finishing, chemise, drawers, finish couching!, shop for more fabric, swatches, order trim....phew! That is a lot to do, I am REALLY going to go to bed, now!