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Continuing sewing madness

Hello everyone!  Being a sewing fiend is a lot of work.  The past couple of weeks have been all playing catch-up.  Almost done with all the couching for the O'Connor overskirt.  Finished three corsets. Two Elizabethan's for friends in TX, and got Lisa's corset finished.

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This next week will get even more involved.  I took a new commission for an award winning Romance novelist. She even blogged about here.  She has an event in September at the Biltmore where a Victorian clothing expert will dress and undess her showing and explaining all the layers.  I am making her an entire outfit, and will currently be working on the underwear.  There will be a diary for her as well in the Currently on the Table page...as soon as I make one. :-)  Here is a link to the dress she wishes to reproduce.



I have loved this dress for awhile.  It is one of the few hoop dresses that I really like.  It is a pleasure to make one that will get so much love and wear.  Amusingly, it is also the dress that was picked for last years Single Pattern Project by Your Wardrobe Unlock'd.  Oh well, better late....