Waisted Efforts

Dee's 2012 Titanic Tea

Titanic evening/tea dress

So this is the winning dress from the vote, and is also the dress that I will be making next for Deeanne Gist.  Amusingly, she contacted me to make her this dress for a Titanic tea in March while the voting was happening, completely unaware that I was looking for a dress to make!  Serendipity.

So this dress is composed of Velvet, chantilly lace, what looks to be a figured light satin with figured border, fur trim,  and the highlight pieces of embroidered and beaded net lace.  I searched high and low for beaded net and could find nothing that would work for this dress.  SO, I went a completely different route.  I will be using a Japanese obi.  This also completely changes the color scheme of the dress. We also need to make this interchangeable for evening and day, so I will be making a lace guimpe to wear with it. I will have to take a picture of all the new pieces when I get them all.  It is going to be very exciting.  I will start this in January, so check back for progress.



on 2012-02-17 21:48 by Kelly Cochran

So life oftens gets in the way of things.  I am still making a very similar dress for Deeanne, and will be posting pictures soon, but I did not get it done for this year's DPP.  I can't wait to see what everyone else has done.  Good luck to all the entries!