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This Dickens was another great success!

So here we are again, after another mad dash sewing for Dickens.  Missie as my minion and I were able to pound out 10 dresses and assorted pieces.  This awesome photo is all of the girls that were present Saturday morning in dresses I made--14 of them.  It was a real rush to see them all lined up that way.  Unfortunately it was about 40º all weekend, so many of the dresses are covered up with wraps, but I'm sure you get the idea. :-)

Here are two of the lovely Ginger's 1890's dresses.  One she kindly loaned out and her new one I made her this year.  If you are a Victorian dress buff, you will notice that it is directly inspired by a Worth gown.

There are a great many more pictures on my Facebook Page Waisted Efforts, so please go look at that, and like it, please.  It often gets more updates, just because it is faster. 

Here's a picture of the back of my new ball gown.  Hopefully I will have more pictures soon!  :-)

And as a finaly here is a picture of the entire Y.E.S. Clump.  We at the Yeasteryear Enthusiast Society take our group photos seriously!  -grin-