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Mid-Bristol Update

Half way through my Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI, and I am hip-deep in Victorian dress bits.  I split the Great Dressmaking Bonanza up into two parts in an attempt to mitigate the stress of 13 dresses in 8 weeks; like I did last year.  That was stupid, so lets not do that again. :-)

This is a picture of a new corset and bustle petticoat for one of my clients.  I will get more pictures soon, of the other in progress pictures.  Also on the docket is a new outfit for my husband.  He has two weekends performing as Hack of Hack and Slash, and has completely shrunk out of the previous costuming.  Of course, now he has lost even more weight, and I am pretty sure this will be big on him, too!  -sigh-  Good thing there is only two weekends.  I will have to make him something else, eventually. -grin-

Now back to sewing!