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Please, Sir, May I have some more...?

This is one of several new things I have added to Empty Dresses.  This is the picture I made for the teagown offerings I have. 

I have larger versions of all the pictures, so if you can't see something you might be interested in, please let me know.

There are  other delightful bits of dress candy as well, so go check it out!

In other news, I recently finished a dress for a client in CA that I only ever saw once, but also needed the dress at the speed of light for this past weekend be SteamPunk Con on the Queen Mary.  That would have been fun!  I have always wanted to see the Queen Mary.  It would be an awesome place to do pictures. 

I was able to get her her dress  on time, and it fit like a glove.  You're always worried on a remote order that things will somehow go awry.  I am glad to say though, that in this instance, everything worked out perfectly.  So let's get to the fun part and some pictures.

Okay, so I was obviously going for Naturalform.  It is black velvet and several different bronze fabrics.  The glass buttons and the moire ribbon are both vintage.

The double-breasted vest is purely decorative but does actually button over the functional closure.

And, the cutest thing ever! I was able to make her reticule out of the left-over pleating from the skirt.  :-) Love that! 

Now I am off to make more mundane pieces, shirts, vests, camisoles, and the like.  I am looking forward to not working at a Dickens pace this week!