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The Great Dressmaking Bonanza of 2011

Is Over!  I completely overloaded myself this year.  Here are a few of the dresses I made.  I am waiting on pictures from the rest.  I didn't have the brain cells to remember my camera, let alone use it. -grin-

I have already begun the set-up for next year's Dickens.  I have alotted 12 total dresses, 6 each for the Wisconsin and Texas clans.  I even created a spreadsheet so everyone can see what s available.  I already filled up all the Texas slots, and only have 2 slots left for WI.  So if you want dresses for next year, let me know soon!  I am also filling up the winter with catch-up.  I want to be done with all the unfinished projects!  I'll let know if that is a pipedream or not. :-)