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Quicky Update

Now that I sit at Panera Bread, so I have enough bandwidth to actually update my blogs, here it is. I have been sewing, *grin*

I have been combing the Internet buying and searching for all kinds of goodies for my own Wedding, and those delightful purchases have finally begun arriving!  I am also working diligently on The O'Connor Wedding, and Deeanne Gist's Victorian Romance, but I have not been diligently updating because here in WI it is a chore.  A chore that I can not always afford the time to complete.  Of course, this time, I am not able to do a complete job either, because I just realized I forgot my camera.  The one with the pictures in it.  -sigh-  Oh well.  I promise to do a more complete update soon-ish, but until then...sew sew sew!

~Cheers :-)

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