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We have a trousseau...-ish

This is a close-up of the fabric I used in Deeane Gist's trousseau for the chemise and drawers.  It really is white, but that is a hard color to photograph when the camera demands flash. This macro image shows thge embroidery and pintucks that really make this fabric special.  I have posted an update to her page here.  Check out that process, and the pieces involved. 

In other costuming news I finished and sent off the last of the couched pieces to Dianna for beading.  I have the lining for that over skirt coming, and will be finishing up the beading on the forepart.  I want to get the skirt done first as it is the most difficult to fit, and will have hours of cartridge pleating to complete.  I am really good at those now! *grin*

So in the last 2 weeks I am in Georgia, I need to complete a ball gown, and get all the beading done.  Fun and excitement!.