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Custom Victorian Gown

Custom Victorian Gown


The Victorian Era spans the years 1838-1901. With how quickly fashion changes for us, you can image the radical number of different styles that were available the 63 years of Queen Victoria's reign.

Whether you prefer the hooped Civil War styles of the mid century, the fluffy bustle gowns of the early 1870's, the very short-lived but radically different and narrow Naturalform lines, the return of the large and streamlined 1880's bustle, the refined and tailored 1890's, or the advent of a new corset and fresh, feminine silhouette seen at the turn of the 20th century, let's design something wonderful and unique, just for you.

Commission Inquiry

Prices for these gowns can vary widely based on materials and how many garments are necessary to make it look like you stepped right out of a fashion plate. I also build these dresses one at a time.  They can sometimes take months.  At the very least, they take a couple of weeks.  Please contact me to see what lead time is necessary to work your commission into my schedule for your event.