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Victorian Bustle Trousseau $750

Victorian Bustle Trousseau $750


Always begin at the beginning, and the begining of a great looking historical costume is the underwear.  It will make or break the entire outfit and guarantee that you look as if you walked directly out of photograph.  My goal is to make sure you look like You are wear you clothes; they aren't wearing you.  It is a subtle distinction and one that often relies on correct and well fitted undies.

Once again, I am using trousseau to refer to an entire underwear suite.  It will consist bloomer and camisole (or a set of combinations), corset, the necessary bustle, either early or late, and finally, the petticoat.  As you can see in my pictures, that can be wedding pristine or sassy and colourful.  The dresses will cover everything, so if you want a Doctor Who petticoat or bustle, let's do it!

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When making a trousseau, I make all the trimmings, fabrics, notions (like buttons and hooks), and styles compliment each other and the era needed.  There is certainly wiggle room here. I have often used a more recent Edwardian-style camisole specifically because it is less fabric and easier to wear. This is all covered by the dress and it is the end silhouette of the foundation that does all the work.  Let's talk about what you're interested in and we can go as far down the rabbit hole as you'd like. kelly@waistedefforts.com